Client: X-Press Feeders

X-Press Feeders is the World’s largest and most Geographically Diverse common carrier. Based out of Singapore and having offices in Dubai, Barcelona, Germany and San Francisco and a fleet of more than 110 Vessels, they operate throughout Asia, Middle East, Caribbean, Central America, Mediterranean and Europe. 2016 annual throughput was in excess of 5.6 million TEUs.


Together with X-Pressfeeders we set out to develop an app which would help the on-shore team, Ship Captains, Health & Safety Supervisors to comply with the SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) compliance metrics. With more than 3000+ stringent safety norms and questionnaire, it was becoming cumbersome to manage the data of about 100 Ships and alerting the specific vessel supervisor for non conformance on various security parameters. Last but not the least, data consumption while on the ship was the biggest issue as satellite data is slow and very costly. See what we did!


TopCubit spent 4 days with the HSQE Captain of the company to understand the ground reality and did brainstorming before proposing a solution. Finally, TopCubit created an iPad app with Back-end monitoring software for X-Press Feeders On-Shore and Off-Shore crew, helping the company visually feed the security parameters through “Checklists” that functions in sync with SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea) parameters.

With the app, offshore crew can seamlessly check for all security parameters with easy navigational screen on an iPad and mark any non conformity with a click of a button. Back-end then automatically generates the reports and send it over to specific vessel supervisor. The crew members can also generate photo report (which is first of its kind) to actually see the non-conforming asset. The back-end team sitting in the on-shore location can easily manage the SOLAS compliance and monitor each vessel.


The app served to streamline X-Press Feeders safety compliance while consistently boosting audit intelligence. As a result, the company was able to greatly reduce its cost-per-audit, cut down on travel expenses incurred due to sending huge HSQE crew, and increase brand value due to high security compliance fulfilment. Making app self aware of the data consumption we engaged high quality compression technique and self aware (AI) sync tactics resulting in minimal data cost while app being operated on a ship.