Client: GoyalSons®™

GoyalSons is one of the most reputable showroom chains in the heart of the capital. Serving more than 30,000 customers daily and an inventory which adds up in thousands every single day with 8 Showrooms across New Delhi. With best mega stores in west Delhi with floor area of about 50,000 sq. Feet each distributed in 5 floor with unmatched quality, never-ending variety & reasonable rates to provide its customer with value for money.


With an ever-growing footfall and humongous inventory tracking requirement; GoyalSons reached out to TopCubit for Digital Transformation in their Inventory Management Systems.


TopCubit understood the ground reality and proposed a Mobility solution connecting all their 8 Showrooms to one central warehouse; while making Stock-in/out a breeze checking negative stock store wide. TopCubit™ deployed its intuitive FinVentory™ Application running on a smart Android Barcode scanner well connected to their current ERP platform and distributed data systems.

With the app, all the 8 Mega stores are seamlessly connected to the Warehouse and to each other. Delivery Challan, Gate Passes, Stock In/Out, Cash Memo, Data Sync happens in real-time.


Centralized control over inventory management with administrative rights. Seamless inventory tracking between multiple stores. No more false returns or losses by intuitive Gate Pass technology which immediately tracks the exact purchased goods and generates the pass accordingly. Instant data sync with the central repository. Tough and rugged devices with easy to use app. Less time consumed in managing the inventory while maximizing the profits and cutting the losses due well managed inventory tracking.