Software & Web  Applications

In consideration of the tasks being performed during the term of the software maintenance agreement, the Software Owner has agreed to pay the Service Provider all sums listed in the table below.

The payment has to be made on the 1st Day of Every Month.

If at any time payment is not received for any terms not agreed on between the parties, it shall constitute a breach of contract and will be grounds for termination of this software maintenance agreement. With any dues payable by the Software Owner.

The cost which arise due to any addition of technology, module will be borne by the software owner.

No refund will be entertained post signing the contract or if customer is non-responsive the project will be archived and no refunds will be entertained whatsoever.

Material Costs and Expenses

In addition to the fees above, the Software Owner will be responsible for any and all costs and fees associated directly with the Software included in this software maintenance agreement including

  • Licenses (Android & iOS)
  • Any modifications or additions in the software
  • Data Disaster Recovery and User Database Back-Up
  • Application hosting

General Warranty

The Service Provider agrees to complete all projects and maintenance assigned in a professional manner.

All work conducted will fall under standards set by the region in which the work is being performed.

The Service Provider will not be held responsible for any acts occurring from the Software Owner or any affiliates in relation to the Software Owner.

Digital Marketing Services

Minimum contract period for all the digital marketing products is 12 Months. PPC Promotional budgets are charged extra from the base quoted monthly price.

Office 365 Products

Minimum lock-in period for all 365 products and services is 3 years from the date of commencement.

No upgrades will be entertained on single user accounts on the company domains which have more than 10 users. For company domains having more than 10 email accounts the upgrade packages will be applied to minimum 10 user accounts.

Support and Maintenance is chargeable. There are 2 tier support packages available, more information can be availed by writing to us at

In case of early termination, the early termination fee has to be paid by the customer which could be less than or equal to 6 months subscription.

High Priority support package can be opted by calling us at +1-224-293-4429 (USA) +91-120-2400-507

Web Products

Any website which is not explicitly mentioned as the owner’s property and is not paid to own will remain the property of TopCubit. The hosted websites (rented) and built by TopCubit have different payment plans and the one’s which are paid in full can be given to the customer with complete source code to be hosted else where. The handing over of source code is the sole discretion of the company.


Domain and Hosting are chargeable every month or yearly.

Have questions about what products and services are eligible for a refund? We’ve got your answers below!

Here are our Standard Terms for products and services eligible for a refund:

  • You may request a refund within 48 hours of purchase of Email services/Digital Marketing Services only. No refunds whatsoever are entertained for Software Development, Web Development projects.
  • You may request a refund within 48 hours of purchase for monthly products.
  • In no event will you be eligible for more than one refund for the same product.
  • A product must be cancelled before we can issue a refund.
  • All refund requests must include the reason you are asking for a refund.
  • In the event your purchased product includes a free domain name, if you cancel the purchased product, the standard price for the domain name will be deducted from the refund amount.


In case of any concerns, feel free to write to us at