X-Press Feeders, Singapore

X-Press Feeders is largest independent global carrier based out of Singapore which started its operations in 1972 with fleet in excess of 100+ vessels.


The Problem

Managing the ISPS, MLC, ISM Audits across the fleet was a challenge. They wanted their standard checklists to be customized and adapted with a new ERP. Making the Internal/Technical audits a breeze.

While VSAT internet data being costly on-board these vessels the solution was intended to be independent of internet connectivity. While making the application accessible to various roles across the company. Our goal was to increase compliance rate and decrease risk probability.

The Solution

The Challenge

With more than 3000+ stringent safety norms and questionnaire, it was becoming cumbersome to manage the data of about 100+ Ships and alerting the specific vessel supervisor for non conformance on various security parameters. Last but not the least, data consumption while on the ship was the biggest issue as satellite data is slow and very costly.

Solution - ShipSafe™

ShipSafe™ - A digital auditing platform for container ships/Oil Tankers was customized for the X-Press Feeders, giving them option to customize the compliance reports. Giving them access on ShipSafe™️ - QHSE Cloud back-end which is a maritime auditing product of TopCubit™, they can monitor, track safety of every vessel under one dashboard. With option to capture relevant stakeholders signatures and option to close the observations within stipulated time-frame, X-Press Feeders fleet's quality and safety is now second to none; as they are second to none.

Cost savings


New Vessels


Safety Compliance