Message from the Founder & CEO

Isaiah 44:22, “I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and, as a cloud, thy sins: return unto me; for I have redeemed thee.

That was the promise scripture verse which God gave me when he saved me from a life of despair and sin, when I was just 22 years. After I confessed Jesus Christ as my personal savior and redeemer, everything changed since then. Not just in my personal life but in professional too. Having worked for brands like Barclays Bank, Comcast and several others, I felt a call to start TopCubit as a web development company in the year 2013 which later branched in to developing custom curated cloud and software solutions to various businesses world-wide. Deriving the values from the Word of God(Bible) and my personal experience, I know how does it feel when the thick cloud of uncertainty is blotted out.

Same happens in the real business scenario. TopCubit, pledges to remove the thick cloud of technology hassles from your day to day business challenges and make the cloud work for your business. We’ve got 5 years of experience in improving the lives of entrepreneurs and their businesses by offloading their critical business processes, utilizing the power of various cloud based offerings developed by the talented in-house TopCubit engineers.

We have successfully deployed solutions for maritime industry, financial industry, health industry and more. Our in-house team is radical in understanding the real business challenges and provide custom curated solutions which are apt for your business and removed the thick cloud with the clear TopCubit™ RedeeCloud™ which works for your business. Want to blot out yours?? Talk to us today!

TopCubit envisions to be an industry leader in custom cloud based offerings for small businesses world wide and to build a business which not  only earns profits but build lives full of hope.