Client: ErieBrush Manufacturing & Corp USA

Erie Brush has been manufacturing car washing equipments since 1948 and everything they manufactured is manufactured in Chicago, Illinois. They ship and service in all over the world. They are fortunate to have some of the demanding customers in car wash market.

  1. They design & develop wheel wonder by working with Customers in the field, understanding their needs and seeing what they want.
  2. Wheel wonder is easy to install, very big eye catcher, wheel wonder washes wheels better than before.
  3. Their main focus is to clean as much car as possible.


Earlier website of Erie brush was built in, stone aged platform, very difficult to navigate, hard to understand the purpose and neither user nor SEO friendly. Erie Brush could get very less sale from the website and Thus despite have high end technical and mechanical knowledge, their business was hampered.


Facts show that older website had just 1% client conversion. We discussed their needs for the Business from scratch and started with their logo. Our team worked together to give the actual online Presence which Erie wanted. It was very important to highlight what Erie Brush manufactured and  how sincerely they carry on their job.

Our efficient team developed a custom e-commerce platform to cater to a huge inventory and high ticket orders.


Online sales jumped significantly. The custom curated back-end is able to give a crisp picture of the present business scenario. The digital marketing team curated the content of the website to make it search engine friendly. Erie now ranks on most significant and searched keywords in their business industry beating the competition.