Client: MG Vowgas Ltd

MG VOWGAS LIMITED is a wholly Nigerian company with a total capability across the spectrum of Building, Civil and Mechanical engineering works, Manpower Supply, Procurement, Engineering Design, Project Financing, Marine Support Services, Project and Integrity Management. MG VOWGAS LIMITED aims to be a force and significant player across the entire value chain of the oil & gas, Chemical, Petrochemical, Industrial and Construction industry in Africa and beyond.


An outdated web presence & internal communication was the biggest trouble for them. They wanted their web presence to be sorted out and a tool built for internal communication between the staff members which can provide some additional custom features the company required.


Along with the Vowgas engineers co-operation topcubit revamped the website utilising one of the most robust CRM’s. Which eventually enhanced their online visibility. The communication was streamlined by developing an inbuilt communicator for the company employees.


Increased employee productivity and business.